Training for Monitoring of Species of Amphibians and Reptiles

On a date 15.5.2019 the Twinning Project has organized a Training to the Ranger Unit and the management of the both protected area: Ezerani Nature Park and Lake Prespa Nature Monument both administrated by the Resen Municipality. Training is related to implementation of interventionist and monitoring program for biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles in those two protected areas.

Composition of species in those two highly important group of biodiversity of the protected areas in the Prespanian Region encounters more than 66% of the species which are in the species list of EU importance of Habitat Directive, related to NATURA 2000.

The Training was organized with technical assistance from the experts in the EU Twinning Project “Strengthening Capacities for Effective Implementation of the aquis in the Area of Nature Protection” and in the project “Improving of Protected Areas Management” which is led by UNDP. The two projects are funded by European Union, and are managed by the Ministry for Environment and Physical Planning.

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