Potential Natura 2000 sites in the country

The first proposed Natura 2000 pilot sites were suggested as part of the project “Strengthening the capacities for implementation of Natura 2000” in year 2016. The methodology for selecting and proposing sites was in line with Methodology of assessing, sorting and storing data for making them usable for the future construction of Natura 2000 sites. In relation of Habitats Directive and Birds Directive proposed were nine (9) sites as potential Natura 2000 sites and two (2) areas with high natural potential. These 9 potential Natura 2000 sites are prepared in SDF format are not legal obligation for the State to access into EU. For the all areas future investigation in the fields will be necessary and also to consider cadaster for delineation. It turned out that there is a need for better data quality and future investigation in field in forest habitats to be able to delineate sites.

There are detected:

• 9 sites proposed as potential Natura 2000.

• 4 sites with scenario “potential for bigger site”.

• 2 areas with high potential for Natura 2000.

Three (3) sites are proposes as potential Special Protected Ares (SPA), according to Birds Directive.

Six (6) areas are proposed as Site of Community Importance (SCI) according to Habitats directive.


Proposal for potental Natura 2000 site are the following:

1 Dojransko Ezero Lake (SPA) MK0000001

2 Ohridsko Ezero Lake (SPA) MK0000002

3 Prespansko Ezero Lake (SPA) MK0000003

4 Mavrovo Mountain (SCI) MK0000014 + MK0000024 + MK0000034

5 Shar Planina Mountain, area with high potential

6 Jakupica Mountain (SCI) MK0000006

7 Ovce Pole Area (SCI) MK0000007

8 Ubavica Cave (SCI) MK0000008

9 Galichica Mountain (SCI) MK0000009

10 Pelister Mountain (SCI) MK0000010

11 Mariovo and Kozuf, area with high potential

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